Looking for a lasting relationship with real affinity?

By using the MatchAffinity dating service you get help in finding a genuine connection and natural rapport with someone that is one the same level of thinking as you and has the inner beliefs as you do. So if it is the special bond of closeness you can get with true affinity, then you found the right place. We know how different two people can be. Therefore the system we use for matchmaking seeks out the characteristics and core beliefs in order to best match like minded individuals thereby increasing the chances of a lasting and strong relationship.

Answering the affinity questionnaire

MatchAffinity dating service only wants successful matchmaking. In order to do that we need to know you before suggesting what members you might have the best chance of bonding with. Our free questionnaire about your personality is designed to create your profile covering your personality, interests and the overall way you look at life as well as including your personal views on life’s important issue like love, family and money.

How MatchAffinity works

We at MatchAffinity use all the information our members give us, including yours to find the best compatible match between two individuals in order to make a long lasting and successful relationship. You will receive the matches that are most compatible to the information you gave us about yourself, your interests, wants and needs. You will also see your affinity score with other members of MatchAffinity that includes an in-depth look at the possible compatibility of a relationship.

Matchmaking made simple

We, through our unique matching service, aim to give you your best opportunity of finding a partner for life. We provide coaching videos and online advice to help you with your dating experiences. We also will give you the advice and tips that will be tailored to the characteristics your personality type should be seeking in a dating partner.

Let people know who you are

Next you fill out your profile with a photo or two in order to introduce yourself to the others. You can also send a first message free if you feel there is an affinity for another member.

Then Subscribe to MatchAffinity

If you take that step to send the first message and want to carry on, then that marks the time to subscribe in order to best enjoy the entire benefits of our MatchAffinity dating service. Once you have done that, you are able to receive and send unlimited messages, review photos of all the other MatchAffinity members and contact our expert staff to help with all your dating needs.

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